Custom Dimensions can be used as what?

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Custom Dimensions can be used as what?

Primary dimensions in Custom Reports

All of the above

Secondary dimensions in Custom Reports

Secondary dimensions in Standard reports

The correct answer is:

All of the above

Custom Dimensions can be used as what?

In Google Analytics, custom dimensions and also custom metrics are like default dimensions and metrics. The only difference is that you create them yourself. Custom dimensions can be used in various scenarios.  In general, you should use custom dimensions and custom metrics to collect and analyze data that Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track. Note that, custom dimensions can appear as primary dimensions in Custom Reports. You can also use them as Segments and secondary dimensions in standard reports.

So, in this case, Custom Dimensions can be used as what? Obviously, you can use them Primary dimensions in Custom Reports, also as Secondary dimensions in both standard and Custom reports.

Tip: Keep in mind that Custom dimensions Care only available for properties that have either been enabled for Universal Analytics or contain at least one app reporting view.

Learn more on the official Google support website.

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