What three metrics can help you assess performance?

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What three metrics can help you assess performance?

Views, subtitles, revenue.

Comments, views, watch time.

Device, views, playback location.

Geography, demographics, and watch time

The correct answer is:

Comments, views, watch time.

What three metrics can help you assess performance?

In YouTube, a channel assessment means a way of analysis that can save you time and help you plan the channel’s growth. Optimizing and growing your YouTube Channel is a never-ending process which heavily depends on your goals, audience, and on available tools. In other words, you should analyze, monitor and make informed decisions to grow your channel in the long run. YouTube offers many powerful tools to measure and analyze your data.

So, what metrics are the most important in the channel assessment? In other words, what metrics can help you assess performance? In general, you should focus on three main metrics which are directly related to your channel performance. First and the most important is Watch time. It measures how engaged viewers are with your videos, how much minutes they spend watching a video. Other two principal metrics are comments and views.

All these 3 metrics are key factors evaluating your YouTube channel growth, especially watch time.

Learn more on the official Google support website.

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